Penny’s Naturals is the brainchild and love of Tommy Copeland and Penny Calcina.

It began with a request. Penny had been using only pure, natural soaps for many years. Sensitive to the smell and feel of artificial colors and fragrance, she asked Tommy to convert to a pure laundry detergent that would not leave those smells and residue on clothing. Tommy’s alchemist brain went to work crafting homemade, silky, powdered laundry detergent that was not only pure, it was cleansing, conditioning and effective.

It was a hit and as they say, well, here we are! We had no idea in those early months of creating detergent for our own use, that we would evolve to where we are today. No idea.

Tommy fell in love with the possibility of making pure soaps for our own use – lovely, fresh, cleansing and conditioning bars of all natural ingredients – many of them organic. penny fell in love with the soaps Tommy began to create! A pure, unscented castile came first, in honor of penny’s Catalan ancestors.

That luscious soap opened the door to what is now a growing family of soap. Our liquid and bar soaps are vegan, with the exception of Honeycomb and contain only pure, natural ingredients. You will not find artificial colors, fragrances or other materials in them – anywhere. We love these soaps and the creative process that dreams our next formula and then the next! We hope you will too!

You have our pledge that we are deeply and joyfully committed to creating the purest products we can discover.

Our “back to basics” approach to these small batch soaps is combined with our desire for very pure, natural elements from Nature herself. This includes the perfect balance of the most beneficial oils, botanical colorants and additives with pure high-grade essential oils. We use local sources whenever possible, create relationship with local importers to ensure we are aligned with their source relationships and cut from our garden, grind from our pantry and shake from our coffee cans!

Most of our soaps come only in bar form. The castile, however, is special and you can find it in unscented bars and gently scented liquid. We make our own liquid castile to have a great all purpose liquid and also because it is one of the important ingredients in our laundry detergent. We are so proud of the love and attention infused within each product.

We know you will feel the difference this attention makes in each of our products.